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Basics of Pistol Shooting Course

8 hours | $175.00

This Basics of Pistol Shooting Course is the best way for you to learn the basics of pistol shooting from an NRA Certified Instructor. This course is the first steps for you to obtain the proper certification for your Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit in Arizona.

I will validate comprehension and application of gun safety rules, range protocol, proper handling; loading and unloading procedures, application of pistol shooting fundamentals, stable shooting positions, live fire, and a final shooting qualification.

What you will Learn in this Course:

  • Essential gun safety rules
  • Different types of pistols and which one is best for you
  • The basics of ammunition
  • The fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • Different shooting positions
  • The most common shooting errors
  • Proper gun cleaning and maintenance
  • How to maintain your skills

For this Course you will need to bring:

  • Your gun of choice
  • Holster, 2-3 magazines
  • Magazine holder
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Hat
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Lunch and snacks

All Paperwork and Fingerprints will be done in class. Must register here and payment in full before attending class.

Cancellation of class must be received 7 days before date of scheduled class, to receive full refund. If cancellation is not received before the 7 days, a cancellation fee of $50 will be applied.


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